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Kitsune's Room

The Reflections of Social Studies Teacher

Where to start?

The name's Rebecca, but most call me Becca or some form of that. Not Becky. Except for my aunt, and that's because she's my aunt.

I am currently a full time college student working on my bachelors degree for secondary education social studies. I come from the proud state of Texas but go to school in Louisiana because the scholarship money is better. Go figure. My career goal is to be a college history professor, so after my undergrad, it's straight to grad school for me. May God have mercy upon my poor soul (and my pocketbook - youch). Two of my biggest dreams are to become a well-known author (fiction) and a voice actress. We'll see how that goes.

I'm a unique kind of person. I have varied interests that span from anime, Japanese culture (cultures in general honestly), movies, video games, computers, graphics, website building to books, history, writing, acting (specifically voice acting), fantasy, sci-fi, and so much in-between.

I've always striven to be a kind person - or at the very least civil - to everyone. I have my days and moments where I'm sure I fail miserably, but I am human after all. I've been told I act an awful like Tohru from Fruits Basket and Ami from Sailor Moon. I love books very much, so I've always been dubbed "The Ravenclaw" by my friends here at school. Yay Ravenclaw pride.

I'm a Christian - Lutheran to be exact [i.e. - Catholic without the guilt or diet Catholic]. I love God very deeply, but I'm far from what you'd call a Bible Thumper. I believe very deeply that one's faith (notice, I don't use the word religion) is a very personal thing and should never be forced upon another person. If you have questions or want to have a nice, reasonable discussion, I'm all open. If you want to be rude and militant, please leave me alone. I'm not one for yelling matches of "my beliefs are better than yours!" In fact, I don't like confrontation period.

I'm a fairly even-tempered and patient person (or at least I think I am and have had my best friends tell me this). I do have my family's Scot-Irish temper; I just have a nice long fuse attached.

My nickname is Kitsune - which is Japanese for fox. I speak a few phrases and plenty of random words of Japanese (slowly learning it on my own) and took four years of French in high school (will be taking more). Sometimes I say things in other languages - don't worry I always translate. It's just a quirk.

I'm fairly shy. Incredibly in fact. I'm not always the most talkative, but I do listen. I do talk more once I know a person more and/or you get me on something I like or know a lot about. For the people I love, I would do practically anything.

I have varied tastes in music, and played the Alto Sax in high school.

That's me in a nutshell. ^^ *peace sign*

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